XML Ideal Mollie Add on

11.05.2022 15:16
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Name: Martin
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XML Ideal Mollie Add on

Some 2 years ago I bought and installed the Ideal Mollie addon. This has been working fine since the installation.

Recently I received a message from Mollie that they will discontinu with XML Ideal Api payments shortly. (end of May 2022)

Is there an upgrade of this addon available? Is this the Mollie Api Addon? Or is the Mollie Api Addon also based on XML?

Thank you very much in advance for your help

Sincerely Martin

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11.05.2022 15:55
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Name: Admin
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Aw: XML Ideal Mollie Add on

Ideal mollie - www.mollie.nl
now redirected to

I think yes.

Addon sended to privat msg.


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