Must Upgrade everything is out of date

19.08.2015 20:12
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Name: Jim Miller
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Must Upgrade everything is out of date

I am currently running a Site with Joomshopping 3.3.2

Joomla 1.7.3

Theme Ice Theme IT 1.7.0

I have avoided upgrade due to products I have on my site but now I am at the point I MUST.

I have read lots of articles here but they do give me conflicting information so I guess I am asking what am I looking at in the form of this upgrade:

Do I upgrade Joomla first all the way to the latest 3.4 then Theme - then Joomshopping

Or do I have to do partial updates? In other words I can only update Joomla to a certain level, then theme then Joomshopping. At that point - update them further.

I am not sure hwere the lines are drawn when it comes to the upgrading three major components at once.

Joomla: 1.7.3
JoomShopping: 3.3.2
PHP: 5.2
Website Url:
20.08.2015 20:21
(Support Team)
User admin
Name: Admin
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Aw: Must Upgrade everything is out of date

1. Backup.
2. Update joomla to 2.5
3. update joomshopping to 3.20



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