Pickup point shipping

02.02.2019 21:41
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Pickup point shipping

There is a package delivery system which I want to integrate to a Joomshopping based webshop.
This is a system where a customer can choose an element from a delivery point list which contains ~1000 points around the country and the shop needs to store the details of the selected shop and send the goods there where the customer can pick it up.
I have PHP skills and I have already implemented it to several shoping cart system but this site uses Joomshopping and so far I have no experience with this system.
Is there a documentation, example or an existing plugin where I could check how should I provide a dropdown to the customer and store to the order which point was selected?

Joomla: 3.8.2
JoomShopping: 4.16.3
PHP: 7.0.33
MySQL: 5.5.5-10.2.16-MariaDB-log
Website Url: localhost
02.02.2019 22:35
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Aw: Pickup point shipping

No documentation.

Need extends ShippingFormRoot

Example create new file


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