Looking for plugin/add-on for shipping limitations

29.05.2018 17:35
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Name: Lieven Borms
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Looking for plugin/add-on for shipping limitations


I’m looking for a specific plugin / add-on for solving the following problem according to the calculation of shipping costs.

Sell very different articles. Some items are very heavy but rather small, for example a bag of fertilizer. Other items are very light but have a long size, for example a fishing rod.
At this moment the shipping cost is only calculated by the weight of order.

Some transporters/carriers don’t allow to process large or long packages.
So I’m looking for an extension which can filter the usable shipping methods or a way to block a shipping method for some specific article.

Please advice.

Best regards,

Joomla: 3.8.8
JoomShopping: 4.16.3
PHP: 7.1.1
MySQL: 5.5.28
29.05.2018 20:27
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Aw: Looking for plugin/add-on for shipping limitations



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