error after paypal order ID 5711

25.08.2016 00:59
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error after paypal order ID 5711

I am wondering if anyone can tell me why I am getting an ID 5711 Error after a payment has been made using paypal. This seems to be random and not happening all the time. It is random.

The client makes payment and is redirected back to the site and the error appears.

The payment is received just fine. I had one developer tell me he thinks the error might have something to do with the address in paypal is not the same as the shipping address in joomshopping. Not sure if this is the case.

I have this issue daily and it is very frustrating. I need a fix ASAP.
error after paypal order ID 5711

JoomShopping: 4.13.0
PHP: 3.6
Website Url:
25.08.2016 09:29
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Aw: error after paypal order ID 5711


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