Yootheme pro and Joomla

19.01.2022 18:33
User Dingens
Name: Rolf Wagels
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Yootheme pro and Joomla

I have installed YOOtheme pro and Joomshopping. All is working, but now I have to put in some products :-). I am coming from an old Yootheme Inspire website (still running!) and used a lot of widgetkids in my category descriptions in Joomshopping. Now I wonder what the best way might be to transfer everything to the new site. Keep using Widgetkit even though I am using YOOtheme Pro? Or is there a way to edit my products in the YTpro page builder? This would be my preferred way. If that's not possible is there a way to transfer the old Widgetkit widgets to the new site? The old site is running the latest widgetkit for Joomla 3.xx and the new site is on Joomla 4.x.
Thanks for your help and ideas!

Old site at: https://www.bodhran-info.de/en/bodhrans/coreline
New site, not operational: http://rwagels.de/de/bodhrans

20.01.2022 15:19
(Support Team)
User admin
Name: Admin
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Aw: Yootheme pro and Joomla

I don't know what you are asking me.

Module name?

07.02.2022 11:30
Joomshopping forum user no avatar
Name: Andreas
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Aw: Yootheme pro and Joomla

Hallo Rolf,
ich betreibe auch Seiten mit Yootheme Templates. Alledings bisher nur mit Joomla 3.10. wir könne uns gerne mal austauschen.


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