Sell products in Kg and others in lt.

21.11.2018 15:16
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Sell products in Kg and others in lt.

Hello, i tried to search but about my question i found only posts about basic price and maybe i didnt understand exactly what it means.
I am dev food website and i have some food sell in grams (eg. Pasta packet 250gr), some other in Kg. (eg. meat 5kg) and other in liters (wine 0.75lt). I set all needs inside Units of measure, but i can select only one for all goods. Maybe exist option to select unit of measure for every product?
Thank you

21.11.2018 20:50
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Aw: Sell products in Kg and others in lt.

Weight for calculate shipping.
Use charactiristic.
create charactiristic weight
set foreach product charactiristic weight.


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