Installation of Joomshoping hangs

17.03.2014 14:54
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Name: Øystein
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Installation of Joomshoping hangs

When I install from Jomla, after some waiting the intallation window becomes empty and only the address-field contain the localhost url is displayed in that window.

But the PC is still operative.Two new directories with files are created.

The files.txt lists the present content.

But the Joomla administrator panels components-menu still have no jshopping entry.

In my first attempt to resolve the problem I removed the new directories and reinstalled Jooomshoping. The I got and sql errror message. I learned from the web that i should have removed som jshoopng sql tables as well. I got some problem with that (fingertrouble deleted one table to much). I have now reinstalled the full xampp installation. Desperatly I tried to run an sql-intall program, maybe som new files have been added from that, but the problem was there in the first place and it is still not solved. Please help me and give me a very detailed advice. Best regards ØF

Joomla: 3.2.3
JoomShopping: 4.3.3
PHP: 5.4.22
MySQL: 5.5.34 My SQL Community Server GPL
Website Url: localhost , XAMPP 1.8.2

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