Problem installing addon AddonAttributeCheckbox

10.02.2014 19:58
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Problem installing addon AddonAttributeCheckbox


I have just purchased an addon for JoomShopping. It is AddonAttributeCheckbox.

The problem I am having is that I have tried to install both the 1.0.2 and the 1.0.3 version and both give me this installation error (see image attached).
I am running the version of JoomShopping that came with the Joomlart template JA Tiris on Joomla 3. The version of JoomShopping that came with it is 4.3.1. I had every intension of upgrading it to the latest version but was unable as the template has customised JoomShopping very nicely and if I upgrade I lose all that customisation.

Please can you advise what I must do to make this addon work. Your most urgent response will be appreciated. I am currently running the site on my WAMP server. I am not sure if this might be affecting it.


Joomla: Joomla! 3.1.5
JoomShopping: 4.3.1
PHP: Version information: 4.0.4, latest stable version: 4.1.7
MySQL: 5.6.12
Website Url:

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Aw: Problem installing addon AddonAttributeCheckbox


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