Paypal Formatting Error - sandbox

01.08.2013 13:27
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Paypal Functional Error - sandbox

I am trying to set up the live shop. Everything is fine but a test through the paypal sandbox. I am using the same settings that I successfully used in the my old church site using joomshopping 3.1.1. They do not work in the new version. I have included the settings from the old shop in a zip.
The issue is that the new shop causes the paypal sandbox to trip out with a message about incorrectly formatted item amount. What is going on?
Paypal Functional Error - sandbox

Joomla: 3.1.4
PHP: 5.3.27
Website Url:

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02.08.2013 07:52
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Aw: Paypal Formatting Error - sandbox

Try chnage file


chnage function fixOrderTotal


function fixOrderTotal($order){
$total = $order->order_total;
if ($order->currency_code_iso=='HUF'){
$total = round($total);
$total = number_format($total, 2, '.', '');
return $total;

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