Variuos issues

04.09.2012 16:03
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Various issues

Hi there

I just purchased your Content Insert Plugin product and have some questions.

1.How do I edit the link in cart that says Back to Shop? I have tried changing the settings in edit config screenshot attached but I want to redirect to a main menu item on my website

2.How do I remove the image in product view (size of the full image in product details page) or is it possible to have the image aligned right so that the text wraps round it? See Product review image attached

3.When I edit the product image sizes (thumbs and full size I edit config screen shot attached) the changes do not hold

4.If a client has more than 1 item of same product in shopping cart how can I allow them to remove just one item rather than removing the entire product?

5.Is it possible to add a back button in check out page? I do not think the navigation links are obvious enough. It took me several days to notice they here even there. (address, paymen, shipping etc)

6.In check out (confirm order page) I want to either remove the billing address + delivery address or add email field to that section as my products are delivered electronically. I have adjusted the settings in field registration to remove all the address info and leave just the email but it does not come through (see attached images)

7.Also In check out (confirm order page) I want to remove the "return policy" completely – where is this setting?

Your support is appreciated.

Also I note that the version Joomshopping available on Joomla extensions is 3.10 however the Content Insert Plugin confirmation purchase order I got last night refer to JoomShopping 3.3.0 or higher?? Is there a newer version available to download?

Content Plugin Insert Product 1.3 (JoomShopping 2.8.0 / 3.1.0 or higher) Download
Content Plugin Insert Product 1.4 (JoomShopping 3.3.0 or higher) Download
Content Plugin Insert Product 1.4.1 (JoomShopping 3.3.0 or higher) Download
Content Plugin Insert Product 1.4.1 support Ajax Cart (JoomShopping 3.3.0 or higher) Download

The shop is not yet live and is only available to registered users while I debug.

If you need access please let me know.



Joomla: 2.5.4
JoomShopping: 3.10.0
Website Url:

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04.09.2012 19:45
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Aw: Variuos issues

Content Plugin Insert Product 1.4.1 (joomshopping 3.3.0 - 3.10.0)


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