Simple Instructions to install PayPal

22.01.2020 10:35
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Name: Rhodope Art
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Simple Instructions to install PayPal


I'm new to this and am setting up a simple little shop selling up to 100 products.

I want to offer PayPal at the checkout and need SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS on how to set this up. This forum is full of complicated error requests, all I need is a step by step guide to installing PayPal. (It wont even publish on my test site, even though everything is set to publish)

Anyone out there help?

Many thanks

JoomShopping: 4.18.1
22.01.2020 21:55
(Support Team)
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Aw: Simple Instructions to install PayPal

Options / payments / paypal

tab Config
Testmode: no
PayPal payment email: Your email paypal



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