Status changes automatically after Joomla update

28.10.2015 15:46
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Status changes automatically after Joomla update


There were many informations of necessity of Joomla update last days. So i updated my site to newest Joomla 3.4.5
Joomshopping (4.7.1) works fine after Joomla update but two things.
Status changes automatically and returns to 'Waiting'even after manual change to 'Finished', 'Paid' or something else.
And another thing is problem with emails: Client (buyer) gets all mails with changing status. And administrator of the shop gets those mails too - not as admin but the same as buyer. Those have changed after Joomla update. Is this problem we can solve without updating Joomshopping?

I send you printscreen with Order history:
1. 'Oczekujące' means 'Waiting'
2. 'Zapłacono/Przyjęto do realizacji' means 'Paid/In realization'
3. 'Zakończone' means 'Finished'

Points 2. and 3. were made manualy, but as you can see all 'Waiting' statuses just changed automatically.

Przemek Szatkowski
Status changes automatically after Joomla update

Joomla: 3.4.5
JoomShopping: 4.7.1
29.10.2015 14:54
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Aw: Status changes automatically after Joomla update

Problem in redirect or ...

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